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Johnson Lifters V6 Set - Hydraulic Roller Short Travel Race Lifters. These are excellent hydraulic roller lifters that will outperform all other brands. These lifters come with a lifetime manufacture warranty and are made in the USA. Call now to order the best lifters available for your Turbo Buick.


The short travel lifter is a good option for a Turbo Buick application that is running very aggressive cam lobes and extreme spring pressures. The lifter utilizes .058" travel with special internal valving so the lifter will perform as a hydraulic lifter should with pumping action at low RPM and at higher RPM pump up solid unlike the competition that collapse at RPM with higher spring rates. The short stroke keeps air out of the lifter and lets the lifter refill quickly to keep the lifter solid with extreme spring pressures. Most do not need to run these lifters and they have to be set up precise. These can be run in everyday applications.


This product was added to our catalog on Friday 14 July, 2017.